Ivermectin Efficacy

Hello Everyone, thanks for all the interesting information and people’s experiences, good and not so good.
I see the FLCCC has Ivermectin as its top treatment, but I haven’t come across anyone who has said its helped them.
Is there anyone?
I have been having Ozone Therapy which has helped, but not permanently. There seems a lot more comment on HBOT.
So basically I would recommend Ozone Therapy and would like to know if anyone has benefitted much from Ivermectin.
Thanks. Good Health.

It has help quite a few. But the effect seems to be mostly temporary, while taking it.

In my case, I noticed a dramatic improvement within 2 hours. Overall reduction in severity of symptoms. The two that I noticed most were the brain fog and ongoing pain at the jab site in my left arm. Ivermectin really improved both.

In fact, it almost completely eliminate the pain at the jab site. Even after I stopped taking it. Most of the other symptoms came back, but the arm pain has mostly stayed away or been occasionally very mild.

Thanks for the info. Maybe I won’t try it now. I will be trying HBOT soon. Sorry Ivermectin didn’t work for you.

Hi. I took ivermectin around month 4 of injury. It took away 80% of my severe symptoms. Pins n needles. Internal vibrations and tremors.

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I took ivermectin when I got Covid and with in a day and half I was 95% better.

Thanks for the the response. I live in the UK and Ivermectin for humans hasn’t been approved yet. I am going to try anyway, feeling encouraged by your result. A South African friend took a form of Ivermectin meant for cattle, with no I’ll effect… - but I will try to convince a Doctor to prescribe it first. The are allowed to do it ‘off label’.

Wow! That’s very encouraging. Thanks for the reply.

I just one to share one more thing with you. I’m Vax injured with numerous symptoms unfortunately. There a number of supplements that I’m taking and one modality I’m taking is chelation therapy. Look into it and it might help you, nothing but the best to you.

Thanks very much. I’ll look into it. Wishing you full health.

It has been an amazing help for me. I recently upped my dose and then brought it back down and I could really tell that it made a difference. So we brought it back up again.

:pray: that’s great news. I am hoping to convince a UK doctor to prescribe it as it hasn’t been licensed here. Best of healing and health :heart:

Many of us, in different countries, have had to import it ourselves.
A few ideas here: Ivermectin - Long Haul Wiki

Thanks very much.