Introducing COVERSE - Australian non-profit for Covid vaccine injured

Introducing COVERSE - the Australian non-profit for Covid vaccine-injured.

We are 100% founded and operated by vaccine-injured people.

Our first big task will be to make a submission to the Australian Government’s Long Covid inquiry (since vaccines still form a significant aspect to public health policy for Covid). For this, we need your help to gather data. For the Australians: please register on the website and then fill out the “Vaccine Injury Profile”.

The more Australians we have registered, the more effective we can advocate for medical and financial support.

Please circulate this info to any other Australians who are injured.

Happy to answer any questions.


I’m excited for you guys!!

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Where I grew up, we weren’t “bogans”. We were “bush pigs”.

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Well at least your country doesn’t randomly disappear off maps.

new zealand

CoVerse has a new trailer: