Info I got from CDC mid June 2022 regarding CDC & Healthcare provider consultations

I was tired of VAERS website and reporting there so I called and spoke to a person for a change. Was mostly about bad reaction to Senior Flu shot but as I was OK after it last year from same Senior Flu shot and this year I had it 6 months after my covid adverse reaction I brought that up. Got this one particular piece of info I thought I’d pass on. It’s cut/paste from email I got from CDC rep. I have given this info to all of my Drs but none have taken advantage of it. I’ve pasted it below the line.

You might consider asking your physician if he/she is aware of the Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment (CISA) centers within the CDC – and whether he/she might be able to refer your case there for additional assistance. If you are not familiar, CISA is a national network of vaccine safety experts from the CDC’s Immunization Safety Office (ISO), seven medical research centers, and other partners, which provides a comprehensive vaccine safety public health service to the nation.

It is my understanding that healthcare professionals can request a clinical consultation for particularly complex individual patient cases by contacting the CISA Project.

Additional information related to CISA – including contact information for how healthcare providers can request a COVID-19 CISA clinical consultation is available at:

Vaccine Information and Safety Studies | Vaccine Safety | CDCensuringsafety/monitoring/cisa/evaluation.html

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I’m too cynical and jaded about the CDC. They do spend a lot of resources on detecting safety issues. The problem is that some of the time they will cover things up for financial/political reasons. It’s sort of like an extortion racket where they constantly threaten to destroy the pharma companies and get paid not to do it.

They knew that the vaccines were causing MIS (multi-system inflammatory syndrome) and decided to cover it up. It’s all out there in the scientific literature.

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Hi again Glenn and thanks for your reply. I’m pretty cynical about the CDC also. Apparently all of my Drs are as well. I thought I’d post this just in case someone might be able to use it, but I’m not really expecting much.

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Just found this Glenn!

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I have no idea how true that stuff is. I just know from the survey data is that hot lots don’t explain why about 1 in 5 people with Long COVID report significant worsening after vaccination. (It’s even higher in the vax injured, but the data may be a little screwy.)