Hypothesis: the inability to control viral infections is what causes symptoms in post-vax

I need to do a little more digging through datasets like VAERS, but it seems that detected infections are mostly viral infections.

Let’s take meningitis for example. Symptoms include stiff neck, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, etc. - all common symptoms in long haulers. Two common causes are viruses and bacteria. VAERS data suggests that most cases of meningitis following vaccination are caused by viruses:

  • I didn’t pull all of the data and I didn’t exclude non-COVID vaccines.

If true, this may suggest that viral infections are responsible for most post-vax symptoms. Other pieces of evidence include:

  • Reactivated infections. These are mostly viruses: herpes zoster, EBV, etc.
  • ?Failure of the carnivore diet to outperform other diets? - Perhaps the carnivore diet works great against the gut microbiome, which hosts bacteria that frequently get into the body. However, because vaccine injury usually doesn’t really affect the body’s ability to handle the gut microbiome, the carnivore diet doesn’t outperform.
  • We don’t seem to see a lot of reactivated bacterial, fungal, or parasite infections???
  • Long haul causes some autoimmune diseases a lot more than others. There must be something driving it’s uneven induction of autoimmunity and other conditions like SFN, which appear at incredibly high rates.

Viral infections are bad news because our treatments for unknown viruses aren’t that great. :confused: Billions have been spent on AIDS research and we still don’t know how to completely get rid of it from the human body.