This seems like either a great opportunity or a horrible opportunity.

@radofaletic what is the media situation in Australia like? Apparently your country passed a bill approving government subsidies to dying media companies. What this means is that the government gets to exert control over the media and to ensure that the media will have a pro-government slant.

ABC in Australia is apparently government-administered… which means that it’ll be even more pro-government than the private sector?? Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Wikipedia

ABC is one of two state owned media companies. They are supposed to be independent, but of course they fall into line because of the ever present threat of budget cuts.

The only media company that has dared to come close to telling the truth so far is News Corp - owned by Rupert Murdoch (also owner of Fox News).

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I know of an ABC news anchor who is badly vax injured. Of course their story will never be told on the ABC.

But elsewhere, we have some powerful people working with us, who have significant pull with media. They are knocking hard on all the doors, and sooner or later one is going to open.

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I don’t understand why this reporter requires video, how the message is communicated does not affect the content. For that matter, you could just put a webcam on your hat, and just send them a vlog of your day! Maybe I just think video is lame, I prefer stone tablets.

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