How to spread some awareness on Instagram

Step 1: Follow all of the accounts that talk about vaccine injury. I made a list here:

Step 2: When there’s an important post, interact with it in at least 2 ways. First, like the post, Then, bookmark/save it. I bookmark everything into its own special folder.

Video showing how:

You can also comment on the post and share it with your friends. This will bump the post in IG’s algorithm. You may not necessarily have a truck with a loud honk, but at least you can click on things in Instagram.

Thanks for doing this. My barrier to doing this is that as a healthcare provider I am strictly prohibited from contributing to anti vaccine rhetoric. MD’s have similarly been warned by their states regulatory bodies. I send through messages or text for others to promote or like…

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Oh this experience has completely changed my thinking about the healthcare system. I feel like it is now overall causing more harm than good. Nobody can have a two-sided debate about vaccines, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, public health policy, etc. It’s ridiculous that healthcare workers are being policed for thoughtcrime. There are no safety mechanisms to ensure that the benefit outweighs the harm. The FDA is broken, the threat of lawsuits is gone, and whistleblowers are being persecuted. The last line of defense is the press and they’re trying to go after all of the independent outlets which aren’t pushing propaganda.