How people are healing from chronic illness: removal of breast implants, surgical mesh, etc

The scientific literature suggests that bacteria and yeast/fungi will often grow on foreign objects in the body. These microorganisms are known to cause problems when they grow on replacement joints. However, many doctors don’t recognize the same health problems when pathogens grow on breast implants or surgical mesh. It doesn’t make a lot of sense but I get the feeling that many doctors want to live in a bubble where they believe that they do more good than harm.

A deep-dive explainer (with links to scientific papers) can be found here:
LongHaulWiki page on foreign object infections

There are many anecdotes and support groups on social media, Youtube, etc. One large Facebook group for breast implant illness has 163K members (!!!). The most popular Youtube video on breast implant illness is by Karissa Pukas, where she explains her health before and after breast implant removal.

Many patients who decided to have their breast implants removed found that their autoimmune condition improved. A paper by Lee and colleagues reported that 14/15 patients reported “Postoperative Improvement or Resolution” of their autoimmune diagnosis. However, there are some patients who don’t get better after removal. There is currently no accepted test for breast implant illness (though there are standard tests for replacement joint infections).

Other foreign objects in the body can get infected too. However, they are more difficult to remove and outcomes aren’t as good as breast implant illness.