How people are healing from chronic illness: HBOT for multiple sclerosis, Lyme, and vaccine injury

HBOT stands for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Possible ways that it works:

  1. It pushes oxygen into your tissues and makes it difficult for bacteria to survive. (There are reasons to believe that autoiummunity is happening in most long haulers and that the root cause of that autoimmunity is your body fighting off infections.)
  2. It helps your body heal, perhaps helping your body heal faster than the damage that is being created.
  3. ???

(Its mechanism of action isn’t clear right now.)

Some data

Survey data isn’t always the most reliable. But it’s what we have right now. You can sign up for a Google account and contribute your experiences to the ongoing survey here.

HBOT really stands out as a “big gun” therapy. It has one of the highest chances of somebody reporting significant improvement. It also has some serious, lasting side effects that are being reported in some people. The survey did not ask if those people had problems with oxygen poisoning (less likely with 1.5 ATA or less) or if there was some other type of injury. It is not clear why some people report significant worsening.

The current evidence suggests that people have gotten hurt from this therapy. One ME/CFS patient who later became COVID vaccine injured (@agy_lena) reports permanent worsening after 22 sessions of HBOT. Please know what you are getting yourself into.


April Malina talks about her experience with HBOT. You may have seen April in the Silence music video.

Kyle Warner’s instagram or Youtube or Dr. Campbell interviews has him talking about HBOT somewhere. I would watch the newest video on Campbell’s Youtube.

Usage in other diseases

In the UK, there are many charity trusts which offer HBOT at very low rates. It is used to treat multiple sclerosis. However, these charities will generally accept other patients from what I understand.

HBOT has also been tried for Lyme.

React19 videos

Patient Education Webinar - HBOT presentation with Dr Paul Harch (May 2022) - Harch works in academia and gives a great academic overview of HBOT. At the time of the seminar, he didn’t have too much data on what HBOT does to long haulers.

Virtual Rounds Session 4: HBOT with Kenneth Stoller MD (June 2022) - Stoller used to have chronic Lyme and has experience in using HBOT for a range of different conditions such as non-COVID vaccine injury, Gardasil HPV vaccine injury, post polio syndrome, PANS/PANDAS, etc. He is quite iconoclastic; his book is titled Incurable Me: Why the Best Medical Research Does Not Make It into Clinical Practice. He was a fellow of the American Association of Pediatrics for two decades before he left in protest over the AAP’s stance on allowing mercury (thimerosal) to be in pediatric vaccines.

At 34/35 minutes, he says that portable chambers work for Gardasil injury.

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