How people are healing from chronic illness: bee sting venom for chronic Lyme

In the chronic Lyme world, a few people are treating themselves with bee sting venom. As crazy as it may sound, it’s something that has some popularity in the Lyme world. I have no idea if it’s a good idea but I think it’s interesting and worth talking about.

One scientific paper talks about how bee sting venom kills the Lyme bacteria (Borrelia burgdorferi) in laboratory conditions.

Its mechanism of action is quite plausible. Safety-wise, we know that a lot of beekeepers allow themselves to be stung repeatedly by bees. So, if you don’t have an allergy to bee sting venom, it could potentially be a safe therapy.

Bee sting venom started because a Lyme sufferer was attacked by a swarm of bees and found herself healed after that attack.

There are anecdotal reports that it works: