How people are healing from chronic illness: Autoimmunity reversal with Paleomedicina

Paleomedicina is a clinic in Hungary that offers consulting services worldwide. They are reversing autoimmune disease by putting their patients on a meat-only diet, which they refer to as the “paleo-ketogenic diet”. Originally they started with a paleo diet but realized that they can get better results with a meat-only ketogenic version of the paleo diet.

Zsofia Clemens has lectures available on Youtube:

They have interesting case reports such as Type 1 diabetes being reversed with diet.

Type 1 diabetes has clear biomarkers so there isn’t the problem of potentially unreliable self-reporting from the patient (which can happen with rheumatoid arthritis). While type 1 diabetes can have a ‘honeymoon’ period where it goes away temporarily, they also note that one of their Type 1 diabetes patients was able to live insulin-free for three years. Unfortunately he went off diet and lost all of his insulin-producing cells so he now needs insulin.

I’ve written a wiki page on meat-only diets: Meat only diet - Long Haul Wiki

Please pay attention to the drug interactions!!! The diet can have dangerous interactions with many medications, e.g. anything that lowers blood sugar or blood pressure.

Reliable information on this type of treatment can be difficult to find. However, there are large communities of people using this diet just for obesity. There’s fairly good anecdotal evidence that it is effective in treating obesity. Its effectiveness in treating chronic illness and autoimmune conditions is less certain… the response rate and cure rate could be exaggerated a little.