Hot takes on what to try for vaccine injury (Mar 2022 edition)

Ok so there’s all sorts of medical information on the Internet and you have no idea what’s good. Here’s my contribution to that hot mess.

Start with the safest stuff first

  • Ivermectin - Long Haul Wiki describes its safety and how to get it.

  • MCAS and histamine intolerance - Long Haul Wiki The mast cell disorders were around well before the COVID vaccines existed. Many of the drugs have a track record of being said and helping a little with the mast cell activation stuff that shows up in some/many vax injured.

  • Black seed oil from the nigella sativa plant. See 1-star Amazon reviews for safety information- those reviews will tell you about the worst side effects, which aren’t that bad. (Biocidin is also sold on Amazon and carries more risk)

  • Avoiding too much exercise, mental exertion (e.g. some people can’t handle too much conversation), and emotional exertion

Other things to look into that are more involved

  • Meat only elimination diet
  • Antimicrobial drugs. Much of this overlaps with chronic Lyme treatment. These drugs usually work better in combinations, e.g. black seed oil + oil of oregano + monolaurin is on the safe side and is something that can be tried in the beginning. For riskier drugs like antibiotics, you might want to get a LLMD (lyme literate medical doctor) or functional medicine doctor to help you navigate that.
  • LDN
  • FLCCC I-RECOVER protocol The FLCCC doctors listed on their website will help you find a prescribing doctor.
  • Foreign objects in the body

These experimental treatments are probably BS

  • Maraviroc. Leronlimab, a different CCR5 antagonist, didn’t pan out but Bruce Patterson won’t tell you about it despite trying to take control of the company that owns leronlimab (Bruce has been promoting leronlimab for a long time).
  • The blood thinning drug cockail from Resia Pretorius. Her paper didn’t actually publish the data on how well the patients did, they just claimed that every single patient got better.

Didn’t do much in the past so probably won’t do anything now

  • Stellate ganglion block
  • IVIG
  • Plasma exchange / plex / apheresis (not to be confused with HELP apheresis, which probably doesn’t help)

Feel free to disagree in the comments!


Hello! I think this is a good list. I would like to respectfully disagree with the statement that IVIG has not helped, as it does help some people (not all)

IVIG has helped me tremendously, I am certain of that. However I was positive for autoantibody FGFR3 along with small fiber neuropathy. This particular finding does call for IVIG in my case, it has helped me although I am not cured.

11 months since vaccine
3 months since starting IVIG

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Very good, you are the second member to figure out how to join this group!

Good point Boatington. I guess I’m the guy who’s like… some people will just naturally get better over time so how do you know if it works? That and… on the forums, everything works.

(But the same arguments could be made against ivermectin, my favorite centaur dewormer.)

I guess my takes are really hot. I don’t doubt that you’ve been getting better. The question is whether IVIG did it or if it is something that would’ve happened anyways. There’s randomized controlled trials that can figure out the answer to that and IVIG didn’t do anything for post polio syndrome (aside from any placebo effect).

Like… if we science’d the bejeebus out of this, we’d know if IVIG beats out acupuncture.

I’ve taken the centaur dewormer as well as other trial drugs. Whether or not they help me I cannot say.

However the IVIG I am certain has helped me.

The reason is, I only got access to it at month nine. Within one month the large nerve pains in the arms, stabbing, twitching, hand strength, weakness, breathing, all of this was remarkably better. My particular condition was very GBS like, it no doubt gave me my arms back and dramatically fixed my legs. After each month there is a noticeable boost as well.

I do think the ivermectin may have helped too, but it’s more subtle and did some of these things change with time I’m not sure.

But the IVIG no doubt has made a dramatic difference. I went from non-functional to using a treadmill, using a computer again. I was not able to use a keyboard on a desktop for 10 months.

As it is right now I do still have most of these symptoms but they’re far better. I do unfortunately feel I will never 100% be normal again though

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Well I think in my case if you look at the studies with FGFR3 and IVIG it does show that it’s an effective treatment for that.

Someone else with other issues from the vaccine maybe completely different than me. I’ve talked to many that are similar but do not have the weakness large fiber type pains that I had. I swear mine was so similar to some form of Guillain-Barre.

Private emails from the NIH have confirmed the same thing. When they blindly give vax people IVIG it helps some and not others. All to varying degrees

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