Help - what tests to diagnose heart related vx injury issues?


Does anyone have a list of tests that can help to diagnose vx injury related to heart issues?

Marathon runner, fit, 20’s female now noticing she is unable to run as fast as normal.

What should she ask her doctor to test for since this could easily be brushed off by an ignorant doctor???

Thank you all!

There’s the obvious tests that you can do at home - pulse, blood pressure, NASA lean test (it’s on the bateman horne center website somewhere). A smartwatch can monitor things throughout the day. Strength tests like one-handed pushups you can do at home.

There’s some sports tests that most doctors may not know about.

Do you know if your problem is fatigue and post-exertional malaise related? PEM can cause you to worsen, I don’t know if you want to exercise. Unfortunately… your body may not co-operate with you post-V.

Actually I am doing research for a dear friend of mine whose daughter is suffering “performance issues” after running the LA marathon (and doing great). Her daughter is in grad school and obviously fully vaxxed, and bought in to the shots. Her mother is also vaxxed (for work) but is open minded because she is putting 2+2 together.

I will try to ask for more specific details but I wanted to have some info at the ready before I got into a detailed conversation with my friend.

Thank you Glenn! PS wish I knew how to do memes

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