Help us find VAERS records that have been deleted

Hi, @bridressen and I are doing a project where we are trying to find the human beings behind deleted VAERS records. Thousands of them have been deleted and we think that many of those were permanently removed (without being moved to a new VAERS number). We are trying to get to the bottom of why reports were uploaded only to be deleted later. Also, we want to find the human beings behind these reports so that we can prove that the reports aren’t fake.

If you have a VAERS number, please fill out the form (even if your report wasn’t deleted).

Step 1 - Find your numbers

VAERS will send you:

  1. An e-reporting number.
  2. Your VAERS number (if they had the manpower to process your report.)

Step 2a - Look at your VAERS report

Go to

Change the bolded letters to whatever your VAERS number is. If you have only one number, just use that.

Step 2b - Is it you?

In the report, you can see information about yourself like Age, Sex, Your State, etc.


If that isn’t you, then you have an e-reporting number. Please try to find your VAERS number if you can.

Step 3 - Figure out if your report has been deleted

Scroll to the bottom and look for red text.

Step 4 - Fill out our Google Form

Thank you!!!

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I have checked the number I was given and it’s not my report. I have verification from VAERS that my report number is 550642, but that is not my report. Cheers, Michele Surcouf

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That’s probably your E-Report / E-reporting number. Did they ever give you a second number? If not there’s a way to call them and to get your VAERS number… it might be that you call and ask.

CC @bridressen

Thanks Glenn,

I found my permanent no. and the report was OK when I looked it up.

Thank you for all you are doing to help those of us with ongoing vaccine issues! Keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

Michele (from New Zealand)

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