Got a question and a dilemma

I had an adverse reaction to my Moderna vaccine in March last year. Symptoms have remained as extreme shortness of breath with slightest exertion, High Blood Pressure, Sense of Balance is off and walking id difficult.
Been to many Drs who have tested everything and can’t help.

I did a lung inflammation test that, without any medication, came in as 190 (the average asthmatic is between 25-50).

But I have been able to get some help with an Allergist who gave me Alvesco 160 to use. I worked my way up to 4 puffs a day. After one month of this my inflammation test came in at 136. After 2 months it came in at 68. While the inflammation is getting better, my ability to breathe is no different, perhaps getting worse.

They had me do a CBC to see if they might be able to give me some alternative medicine.

My test results came in and I was able to see them along with my complete history of CBCs since 2015 all lined up by year, oldest first and this last one last. I noticed that one element had a big change in the CBC after my covid vaccine: my Eosinophils. I also noticed that they have continued to increase and on this last test they were so high, they were flagged as being out of range. My Allergist was interested in me taking Nucala or Dupixent–I don’t know if along with the Alvesco or instead of it. Both are biologics which terrify my and I don’t want to take either and I want to get off Alvesco.

Anybody got any suggestions. I’m in living hell right now.

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I’ve compiled data on treatment here: A data-driven approach to Long COVID and COVID vaccine injury treatment (November 2022)

Some thoughts on more experimental treatment here, e.g. branch out into other anti-microbials:

Sorry there’s very little data on biologics right now. The closest thing is corticosteroids. Also, rituximab was tested in ME/CFS patients where it didn’t work. (Though it apparently sent Whitney Dafoe into extremely severe territory.)

A lot of the pharma drugs don’t rate highly in the survey data, except for the recreational drugs like benzos and opiates. I guess ivermectin is a pharma drug too… so I guess I would look at pharma drugs (especially the safe ones).