- a way to get prescription drugs in Canada

A thread on a ME/CFS forum has an excellent guide to online pharmacies: Tips for Finding Reliable and Trustworthy Prescription-Free Online Pharmacies | Phoenix Rising ME/CFS Forums

Here’s my experience with, shipped to Canada.

Goldpharma “requires” a prescription. They… give you a prescription. So let’s leave it at that.

Did it get past customs? Yes

Are they real? I don’t know.

The drugs are shipped from Germany and should be German-manufactured drugs. I haven’t figured out how to verify if they are real, though they probably are because it doesn’t make sense to counterfeit German-language packaging when you can counterfeit English-language packaging.

So far, I’ve tried tranexamic acid. I seem to have done worse on it. For 3 days afterwards, I felt like I was getting stabbed in the chest. 3 out of 10 pain, where 10 is the most pain imaginable. So… it’s probably biologically active.

I wouldn’t recommend taking any of these drugs for vaccine injury. I’m just curious about drugs that very very few other people will try (that also happen to be pretty safe). I did not buy more sensible drugs like LDN.

They don’t sell ivermectin

You need to go elsewhere. A few Canadians I know have had success with That site is not the cheapest though, may be substantially cheaper.

The bottom line

I ordered prescription drugs over the Internet and they arrived. If you have trouble getting prescription drugs, this is one way to get them. For other countries, see the thread on the ME/CFS forum.

The other piece of the puzzle is finding a doctor. CCCA telehealth has doctors willing to treat vax injury. The FLCCC website lists Indian doctors willing to follow the FLCCC protocols… some of them may know a little bit about vax injury. One of them is on Dr Been a lot too.