Getting access to healthcare in Canada (October 2022 edition)

Option A: CCCA / Canadian Covid TeleHealth Inc (CC Telehealth)

The CCCA website lists Canadian providers:

At the moment, CC Telehealth is the main option.

CC Telehealth prices here: INTAKE FORM: Vaccine Injury – CC TeleHealth

CC Telehealth provides uninsured services so it cannot compete against services provided by the public healthcare system for free. As such, there are certain limitations such as CC Telehealth’s inability to order testing. (They will be able to order bloodwork soon.)

They can prescribe ivermectin and point you towards a compounding pharmacy for ivermectin. However, the colleges of medicine and pharmacy in Alberta and British Columbia prevent the prescribing or dispensing of ivermectin. If you do want to try ivermectin, see the “be your own doctor” section below. You can still ask your ivermectin-friendly medical team questions about ivermectin so you do not actually have to be your own doctor.

I am trying to collect people’s experiences with CC Telehealth; please feel free to post yours here. So far, 2 people have reported positive experiences with CC Telehealth.

Option B: Navigate your way into medical tests and healthcare

Do NOT mention that you are vaccine injured. You can state your COVID information - when you got COVID, when you got jabbed, etc. Let the doctor figure it out. If they’re vax injured friendly then they will probably reveal their hand. If they’re not, then you don’t trigger that part of a bad doctor’s brain where they write you off as a hypochondriac or somebody who has gotten too much medical information from social media.

Here are some tips on using the emergency room system. It can get you faster access to testing and specialist referrals.

The LongHaulWiki newly injured guide has information on medical tests that you can try to get through the conventional medical system.

Option C: Go doctor shopping.

To get access to the list below, reply and tag @GlennChan

The list is a mashup of freedom movement doctors who are public about their view + the FLCCC directory. And a few non-public doctors.

You can also try asking in the support groups.

Option D: Use an international telemed doctor, buy drugs from online pharmacies without a prescription

Let me clear my throat first coughgoldpharmacough

Ok so the first step is to find an international telemed doctor from the FLCCC website: Join The Alliance - FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

At least one Indian doctor will do international telemed. Darrell DeMello, MD for example has appeared on Dr. Been before. (Though you may not like his quirks, his protocol, or some aspect of how he runs his business.)

Option E: Be your own doctor, follow some protocol like FLCCC

Most of the drugs on the FLCCC protocol aren’t that hard to get. Tips for buying black seed oil here.

Here’s how you get ivermectin: Ivermectin - Long Haul Wiki Scroll down to the Canada-specific information. And for drugs other than the centaur dewormer, let me clear my throat again coughgoldpharmacough

HBOT you can get without a prescription. Please educate yourself on HBOT beforehand. A few people have reported ‘permanent’ or long-lasting worsening from HBOT, so there’s your informed consent.


@GlennChan i need help finding a family doctor can you please contact me

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Hi glenn
We are a group of health professionals wanting to provide a referral network….
I would like to discuss your site and experience….and perhaps any issues you faced…setting this up…
Dr b

Hi, if you’re willing to be listed publicly then you don’t need to be on this private list.

I maintain the public list here: List of support groups, doctors, resources, awareness - Google Sheets

But if you know of healthcare practitioners who don’t want to be listed publicly, then I could definitely add them. I’ll send you a private message with my phone number (+Facetime+Signal), I missed you earlier.