Foreign objects in the body becoming infected may contribute to vaccine injury

Perhaps a quarter of the vax injured have foreign objects in their body. Here are case studies on vaccine reactions involving implants:

An article explaining foreign object infections can be found here:

Could this also include dental implants, pace makers, etc?

Yeah, see React19 survey #3. Pacemakers - yes. Dental implants - ?

Could a Medtronic Pain Pump be one? It’s made by the same company that makes pace makers. I’m having an 11+ month long serious adverse reaction to the vaccine and now my pump has shutdown due to a bizarre issue with the catheter flipping over top of my pump which has unfortunately caused it to stop delivering my pain medications to my spinal column. I figured my reaction triggered my Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome causing dysautonomia, neuropathy, pain in my legs and MCAS but this is the first I’ve heard about it potentially having something to do with implanted devices or breast implants. Thank you for any help!

Yeah. Catheters get infected all of the time too.

However… explanation so far has had mixed results. 1 got better, 1 about the same, 1 got worse (need to ask that person again though).

Did you happen to get superflexible after getting vax injured?