Florida Health recommends against mRNA vaccination in 18-39 year old males, no guidance on non-mRNA vaccines

Florida Health press release

They did a study where they looked at the rate of death in the 28 days following vaccination. Based on that study, Florida isn’t recommending mRNA vaccines for younger adult males. I suppose that Florida may eventually encourage younger males to get Novavax (not mRNA) for their boo$ter in$tead.

Of course, we’re seeing the Novavax injured show up in the support groups so it seems that all of the spike protein-based vaccines are causing a significant level of harm. (Unfortunately there’s not a lot of good data on that because the support group newbies don’t seem to fill out the surveys.)

mRNA versus non-mRNA or unknown vaccine type

The study found that mRNA vaccines were associated with more cardiac deaths. This suggests that the mRNA vaccines have a harmful mechanism that’s specific to them, on top of the damage caused by all of the spike protein vaccines.

Happening in females too?!

Females also exhibited a higher rate of cardiac death… though the finding was not statistically significant. For the 18-39 mRNA vaxxed subgroup, rate of death was +84% higher in males and +59% higher in females.

Lower all-cause mortality during the 28 days following vaccination (!)

Technically, people were less likely to die during the 4 weeks following vaccination. This is statistically significant for people over 60.

There may be a timing thing going on here with vaccination date versus when coronavirus was surging, people were staying home more (and not driving), etc. I don’t know. But we just didn’t see higher death rates in this study, even though the vaccines make you more vulnerable against the coronavirus in the first 1-2 weeks.

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