FLCCC conference videos are available

Happily, the wait is over! The lectures — 14 in all — and presentations are now live and ready for you to enjoy.

Choose the PRO package if you want to earn Continuing Education Units, at a low cost of just $150.

The BASIC package is free. But for what you’re getting (9+ hours of information-packed video) we ask that you please consider a $50-$100 donation.

You’ll get:

  • To stream all 14 lectures, plus a panel Q&A session.
  • To download the slide presentations so you can study the data and references at your leisure.

And you’re just 3 steps away from having it all at your fingertips.
Step 1: Go to FLCCC Education On Demand.

Step 2: Choose from the BASIC or PRO packages.

Step 3: Register with your personal details to gain instant access to the platform. Registration helps us keep the content secure. (It’s quick and easy, we promise!)
As you know, the FLCCC aims to educate healthcare providers and empower patients to take control of their own health. Would you help us spread the word by sharing this Education On Demand offering with other healthcare providers and patients in need? Just ask them to register at flccc.net/eod.

The FLCCC team

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