Eye and head problems after Covid

Wondering if anyone can relate to this? I had covid, caught it from a triple jabbed doctor, who had just received her third jab when I saw her. (Shedding, which I personally see is at least in part, but probably completely - how the virus is spread). I have an autoimmune disease, and had a very difficult time with covid. A full four weeks of pretty severe symptoms (delta variant). It triggered old problems with neuropathy in my legs and arms, big time, could not walk very well - but can walk better now, an hour plus without problems. I got very strong B vitamins, which appear to be helping the neuropathy.

But I have another problem which appears to be worsening. It appears to have affected my brain, and my eyes especially. One day, I had an eyelid drop down, incredibly painful also. I am getting continuous deep brain pains, above and at the side of the eyes mostly, although can cover the total head - accompanied by very sore eyes. The pain in the eyes and in the brain is the same kind of pain, sharp, stabbing, deep and intense. It comes and goes in waves, and my eyesight is pretty poor since this began. Getting nowhere fast with useless docs, (story of my life, I guess many others too), although I have an appointment with a neurologist in just over a week, I am not hopeful she will be of any help. Just occurred to ask here, if anyone else has suffered anything similar?

I read a paper a while back which talked about covid resulting in brain swelling in some long covid cases, and affecting vision. I am not 100% certain that is what taking place, but it certainly seems to fit the bill. Headaches are getting worse, eyesight getting worse also. The dropped eyelid lasted only one day, and was a couple months ago, the problem continues. The pain in the head and in the eyes continues.

It has been over 6 months now. I am hopeful perhaps to find someone who maybe has had the same problem and found something which helps? Or any other ideas, which may help, would be gratefully received also. Thanks for taking the time.

Hmm maybe check out the post on the treatment survey. That’s the newest source of data on what works and what doesn’t.

Long COVID and vaccine injury do seem to have a lot of similarities. Both groups need to avoid more spike protein exposure from wild virus or the jab. I’m not sure if you were vax injured and then caught long COVID.