Extreme Shortness of Breath with slightest exertion

I led a normal and active life and rode an exercise bike vigorously w/o problems even though I’ve had asthma as a child. Rarely, if ever needed to use my rescue inhaler. On day 6 after my 2nd Moderna vaccine I had my last normal day of life. On day 7 as soon as I sat up in bed I was totally out of breath. When I stood up from bed I felt like I just finished running a marathon. Every little exertion totally winds me. Been this way for over a year. All chest x-rays, cat scans, blood tests are normal with the exception of one that shows I’m extremely allergic to somethng, but does not mention what. An inflamed lung test usually shows a person with asthma being between 25-50 on this inflamation test. I came in at 190 meaning my lungs are severely inflamed. I do not respond well to all the major astham/COPD inhalers–major side effects. I’m going for allergy testing on Aug 1.

My allergist told me that the vaccine has 2 ingredients that are giving people problems. One is the main ingredient used in Miralax (polyglycol…something or other) and an ingredient used in dry eye medication eye drops though I have no name for it. He had no test a year ago for covid reactions. Gave me Alvesco 80 steroid inhaler which I used for a month w/o bad reaction but it didn’t help my breathing.

I think I am allergic to the covid vaccine. VERY anxious for allergy testing results.

Anyone else experiencing this problem???

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a vaccine ingredient that you can be allergic to, though you probably would have reacted to it right away. We’re seeing people get injured by all of the COVID vaccines (some of them don’t have PEG), though the support groups are mainly people from the Western world so it’s not a lot of Sinovac. Not too much Novavax right now because it’s new.

The spike protein is the most likely culprit for the horrible injuries that we’re seeing. Some people are more at risk than others. If you’re vax injured or have Long COVID or ME/CFS, more exposure to spike protein is like playing Russian roulette. Most of the time everything’s ok… and some of the time it’s horrible.

Thanks for your reply Glenn. Actually PEG is the main ingredient used in Miralax, a laxative I use a lot of the time and have no problem with. I’ve heard that it also used in many vaccines.

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Yeah it’s used in a lot of things. Weirdly enough, there are support groups for kids whose health deteriorated because they used laxatives that contain PEG. I don’t really know that much about it though.

Thanks Glenn! I really feel for those kids!

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Update on Allergy Testing – Not sure if this is the right place for this but I’ll try anyway

Well I got my Allergy Testing done 8/1/22 and here’s the results:
No Food Allergies.
Environmental Allergies are to: Spring grasses. Cat Dander (I know and have a cat, but after being around any cat for a month I’m totally desensitized), Dog Dander, Dust Mites, Mold (outside and inside).
These have been constant with nothing new since March 2021. The only new thing I’ve been exposed to are my 2 Moderna Covid Vaccines and then I had a rapid onset of symptoms of extreme shortness of breath, high blood pressure, balance/walking problems starting on the 7th day after my 2nd vaccine.
Again, as my Pulmonologist’s blood test indicated I was having an extreme allergic reaction to “something” and my lung inflamation test showed severe lung inflamation I can only feel more convinced than ever that my so-called severe allergic reaction to “something” is the Covid Vaccine itself.

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So you probably weren’t allergic to the vaccine ingredients? It looks like you have the same multi-symptom syndrome as a lot of the injured. See React19 survey #2 for info on multi-symptom syndrome. React19 Patient-Led Research: Persistent Symptoms Survey #2 - React19

Have you tried changing your diet and identifying any food triggers? Low histamine, gluten-free, etc. Low histamine info here: MCAS and histamine intolerance - Long Haul Wiki

Hi again Glenn!

I have looked at the multi-symptom syndrome info and I have a problem with it as it seems geared for long-covid sufferers and I’ve not had covid yet.

I’m not quite ready to do the survey but I will do it after I’m done with my current treatment I’m trying out.

My allergy testing showed no food allergies. I do have to admit that my life has been such hell and I like to eat as one of the actual things I can do in my life with all of my other limitations. The idea of limiting what I eat really doesn’t appeal to me.

I am pretty sure that I am allergic to the covid vaccine and that is what my test results of severe allergy are about.

Here’s an article I found that I thought might be good to post here: