Elastomeric Respirators - because you don't want Long COVID to flare your symptoms

Here’s the data on what happens to the COVID vax injury and people with Long COVID after they get COVID (again). At least a fifth of people report significant worsening of symptoms after the :microbe:

If you’re going to mask up, you might as well wear something that’s not a face diaper

Face diapers like N95s aren’t good enough because they let more than 5% of aerosols through. If the mask isn’t fitted properly or if it loses the fit/seal, then it also allows a lot of aerosols to pass through. Aerosols are what carries the coronavirus into your lungs.

The science

Masks will do nothing or very little to protect you against COVID. While many scientists may tell you otherwise, a Danish randomized controlled trial on surgical masks did not find a statistically significant benefit to mask recommendations (Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearers: A Randomized Controlled Trial: Annals of Internal Medicine: Vol 174, No 3). If they have a benefit, the benefit is almost certainly very small. A cluster-randomized trial in Bangladesh (https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abi9069) suggests that surgical mask recommendations lead to very low or no benefit.

If you want to protect yourself with a mask, an elastomeric respirator with P100 filters will filter 100% of particles in the air (such as particles carrying the coronavirus) and is known to be many times more effective at filtering than a N95 mask. While they should be far more effective than N95s, there is very little research on their real-world effectiveness.

Bottom line: We don’t really know if they work but they are definitely better than N95s.

Where to buy elastomeric respirators, how to use them

They’re less than $50 on Ebay. I bought them from the ebay seller pro-safety2009.

This Youtube video shows you how to fit test the mask:

Is it awkward?

Yes. Wearing this to the supermarket is fine… I don’t care about what happens there.

For social events, it muffles your voice a little and is just awkward. So I guess I stopped masking in that situation and I rely on COVID prevention drugs instead. Hopefully ivermectin and bromhexine comes through for me.

I really don’t want my health to get worse again (it was so unfun) so I’ll definitely be wearing an elastomeric respirator for non-social situations like grocery shopping.