Dr. Philip Oldfield is looking for vax injured testimonies to take to the International Criminal Court

Excerpts from Oldfield’s letter + instructions:

With the opportunity to submit more evidence to the ICC, what can we do as Canadians?
Given the ICC have requested more facts and evidence to proceed, we need to provide it
to the Court. Therefore, my request is as follows. If you live in Canada and have suffered
any of the following, I ask that you please send an email (in French or in English) to the
prosecutor of the ICC at: otp.informationdesk@icc-cpi.int, and include your detailed story,
quoting reference “OTP-CR-465/21”. If any of you fear retribution, you may request that
your identity be kept confidential. I would appreciate it although not required, if you could
copy me in on any correspondence that you send to the Court at: icc.info@philip-oldfield.ca,
so that I can follow up with the ICC to ask them to reopen their investigation on behalf of
aggrieved Canadians.
Suffered a vaccine injury, or know someone who has died from taking the COVID19 vaccine.

Is there a place we can report in the USA. The Moderna vaccine caused me to permanently lose my eyesight in one eye. I am willing to share my story if you are interested. Brenden

I typed up a guide for you here: Where to tell your vaccine injury story


Thank you. I just submitted my story.

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