DJ tyDi paralysed after Moderna

Frank Chung at News Ltd strikes again with another article in mainstream news about vaccine injuries. This time with an interview with DJ tyDi.

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Hmmm he’s gonna be busy writing stories.

Rado, do these stories get traction in Australia?

How do you mean @phist? They get lots of views, and compared to other stories they are getting a lot more comments on the News website. But zero comment on TV / radio talkback as far as I can tell, and zero response from the government or scientific institutions.

I think Australia passed a bill where certain tech companies have to contribute money to a media subsidy pool that is controlled by the government. The government then uses that money to control the media. That may be why mainstream media doesn’t cover what’s happening in the world.

The pattern that I see is that the injured are going up against a lot of people who have a vested interest in maintaining the system that treads on the injured.

Traction would mean as you described, popular discussion with no resulting change. What Glenn had described re: media is the same situation in Canada, and I’m assuming most other countries.

Even now, Canada’s heath officials are stating things that are completely unsupported. The media also doing the same. I know of people that suffered professional consequences for simply restating published public health data and asking for a dialogue.

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Yep. Pretty much.

We have to fight against the whole damn system at a time when our health is in shatters because of the lies we were told by that very same system.

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