Did Project Warp Speed Warp the Regulators?

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Oh boy they didn’t even talk about the mis-reporting of what happened to Brianne Dressen, Maddie de Garay, and Augusto Roux. They were injured in the clinical trials and their injuries were not reported.

What is the point of clinical trials if we ignore their results???

Yep. How can anyone ever trust ANY of our officials anymore. I don’t care what tribe you belong to - we were ALL lied to. At one point I thought that being able to say “I told you so” would feel good, but it just doesn’t.

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It’s been very clear to a number of us for a long time that, even without these types of revelations, that the only possibility was that there must have been cover-ups and fraud (or massive widespread incompetence) on the part of the drug companies and the regulators.

Yes, we were all lied to. And now we are being lied to about the lies.

This work by Sasha Latypova is excellent, and clearly articulates the lies-in-plain-sight that we have all been subjected to, and many of us are suffering from.