Delayed onset of vaccine injury can be 10 weeks after vaccination

I’ve collected case reports and some VAERS entries showing that the onset of MIS-V can occur up to 10 weeks following vaccination. This suggests that other vaccine injuries may also have a delayed onset. If that’s the case, there may be a large number of people who simply don’t know that vaccines played an important triggering event in their current health problems.


This is highly likely. I have several friends who have had various new onset symptoms up to several months post jab that are consistent with many of the vax injured people. One family member developed some similar symptoms to me approximately 6 months after their shots, with zero history of Covid (and has negative PCR and negative blood serology to prove it).

“Safe and effective” and “no long-term side effects” are lies, yet pharma and the pharmacovigilance agencies don’t dare investigate because their findings might undermine their profits and narratives.

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I had the last shot in on December 22nd. First symptoms that i’ve noticed were in mid january. Didnt even cross my mind it was from it though.

Worst ive felt was from mid February until May. Again, i didnt even thought of the possibility of being caused by the last shot. Neither any of the medical staff brought up this possibility, even though i was hospitalized for 2 weeks.

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