Dangerous breast milk following COVID vaccination (VAERS case reports)

There are almost 200 VAERS reports of problematic breast milk following vaccination for this year. I haven’t had time to go through all of them, but one of them is highly suggestive of problematic milk.

VAERS # 1749813

After approx. 10 hours after injection, my 1 month old baby refused to drink breast milk from my breast. He would scream and reject the milk. I substituted older, frozen breast milk instead, which he drank without issue. He also slept 4 hours longer than normal, and was irritable/fussy for 2 days following. He returned to drinking breast milk from my breast 2 days after the injection.

Another VAERS entry shows death of the baby (!!!).


Patient received second dose of Pfizer vaccine on March 17, 2020 while at work. March 18, 2020 her 5 month old breastfed infant developed a rash and within 24 hours was inconsolable, refusing to eat, and developed a fever. Patient brought baby to local ER where assessments were performed, blood analysis revealed elevated liver enzymes. Infant was hospitalized but continued to decline and passed away. Diagnosis of TTP. No known allergies. No new exposures aside from the mother’s vaccination the previous day.

I don’t know what’s going on. Does anybody here have the time to read a bunch of VAERS reports? And the interest to do it… e.g. because your family is breastfeeding or your family may breastfeed in the future.