COVID vaccination and age-stratified all-cause mortality risk

A very interesting preprint looking at all-cause mortality data and correlating with COVID vaccinations. What’s especially interesting is if you go to the back of the paper there are some supplementary discussions that are extremely illuminating, drawing on the voices of the vaccine injured community. By speaking out we are getting noticed!

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Spiro and React19 have been collaborating, e.g. on on the survey #2 results. React19 Patient-Led Research Persistent Symptoms Survey #2 - React19

Hopefully his study gets started soon but everything takes… so… long… to… get… done… in… academia.

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I would be interested in seeing a correlation between that data and this disability claim data that is being released by insurance companies. Informally, after I was injured, I had conversations with peers. There was at least one other individual in a group of 200 with identical symptoms (1/100).

It seems that everybody is pulling from the same pool of symptoms… and it’s usually a random grab-bag or everything. There may be clusters where people draw more heavily from a sub-pool than others. There’s a cluster of symptoms associated with meningitis, post concussion syndrome, and traumatic brain injury. Some people draw from that pool more heavily.

I haven’t looked at the disability claim data coming out from insurance companies. I personally think it’s all being driven by both long COVID and vaccine injury. That reminds me… need to bug React19 about releasing the next set of survey results.