Court rules against Crystal Luchkiw and sides with CPSO- they're allowed to police misinformation about COVID-19


The investigations were commenced after the College received information that Dr. Luchkiw had

  • issued a vaccine exemption to a high-risk immunocompromised patient
  • was deficient with her infection prevention and control practices (IPAC)
  • and had disseminated misinformation regarding COVID-19.

Immunocompromised patients usually don’t develop antibodies following vaccination. There is a tendency for vaccines to flare autoimmunity - see Survey #3. The vaccines have not been approved yet and did not go through honest clinical trials (immunocompromised people were not included in the pivotal clinical trials). This is some real anti-science nonsense. It’s also crazy that people need vaccine exemptions in the first place because experimental vaccines should not be mandated.

I am really angry. I am so sick of this Josef Mengele crap.


The doctor is so brave, davastating that the college wants to destroy her even after all that is now known about vaccines. Makes me angry too!

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