Canada has a multi-million dollar program that is researching how to vaccinate the vax injured

Their “research” is published on their website. Here’s the paper titled Immunizing Patients With Adverse Events After Immunization and Potential Contraindications to Immunization: A Report From the Special Immunization Clinics Network

They experimented on the injured and found that about a fifth of them got the same injury again. This is for patients who actually came back for follow-up, so we don’t even know what happened to those who didn’t come back, which was 45% of the study population. (Their drop-out rate is really high.)

From June 2013 to May 2015, 151 patients were enrolled. Most were referred for prior AEFI (132/151, 87%): 42 (32%) for allergic-like reactions, 31 (23%) for injection-site reactions, 20 (15%) for neurologic symptoms and 39 (30%) for other systemic symptoms. Nineteen patients (13%) were seen for underlying conditions that complicated immunization. Reimmunization was recommended for 109 patients, 60 of whom (55%) were immunized and followed up. Eleven patients (18%) experienced recurrence of their AEFI; none were serious (eg, resulting in hospitalization, permanent disability or death).

These are the people who should have their licenses revoked. Not Patrick Phillips, Rochagne Kilian, Christopher Hassell, Mark Trozzi, Crystal Luchkiw, Mary Elizabeth O’Connor, Celeste Jean Thirlwell, Kulvinder Kaur Gill, Ira Bernstein, Vinod Nair, etc.

Maybe the thinking is… if you double down and vax them harder, then the wrongthink will go away. Like magic. This is medicine in 2022 folks.

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