California 'misinformation' bill will likely make it much harder for the injured to get medical treatment there

Patients aren’t getting care because politics is being injected into medicine. This is something that we should fight because access to healthcare is a right.

Dr. Peter McCullough
, Texas-based internist and cardiologist, said:

“As a medical expert treating patients with COVID-19 and vaccine injury syndromes, I anticipate AB 2098 will cause physicians to retract from treating such patients.

“AB 2098 makes it impossible for healthcare providers to have honest and fully informed conversations about the rapidly evolving pandemic and the health problems it has brought to Californians.

“This new law hurts the most vulnerable at a time when they need their physicians to be honest and forthright.

“California is on a slippery slope of medical totalitarianism.”

For anyone who wants to read the ridiculous legislation and ponder on why anyone would think it’s a sensible idea in any modern civilised society to legislate on what is and what isn’t scientific fact:

It wouldn’t be the first time that US politicians tried to change scientific facts through stupid laws:

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