CAERS - one way to possibly find willing doctors in canada

The website is here:

The website is for the Canadian vax injured to report their injuries. They will put everybody into a triage system and have a healthcare professional go over the reports to see if they are accurate. (Triage implies that the most severe/needy patients get bumped to the front of the line while everybody else waits.) I talked to the guy who runs the site and he’s saying that they do try to connect the vax injured with resources and/or doctors willing to treat.

Here’s what it says on the website’s FAQ:

What other service can you provide besides the documentation, and follow up?

We will protect your personal information and other triage notes and will be on standby to either have medical professional to look at it for you to get a diagnosis when it becomes available, and/or legal assistance to apply for compensation under the Canadian vaccine injury support program.

If your injury is severe (e.g. unable to work full-time), I recommend signing up and getting a place in line. The doctors who are willing to try are unnecessarily difficult to find in Canada. (For the most part I gave up on the medical system, partly because I didn’t want to get long COVID.) Anyways it’s a resource that you should check out.

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An update on this: CAERS is working on setting up its telehealth to handle long COVID and vaccine injured patients. It’ll go up on

Those who report their adverse events through CAERS will get to jump the queue. (CAERS was setup because the government doesn’t really want to track adverse events… so the CCCA will step in to fill that void).