BBC Collaborates with Facebook to Purge Vaccine-Injured Groups Online

@bridressen is quoted in this article … though without any Bri-isms:

Cutting off a sick person’s connection to others and not allowing them to talk about their disease, the outcome is catastrophic. This has led to permanent disability and in some cases death. It is truly barbaric that this has been done so deliberately on such a large scale with cooperation of governments, tech companies and the media. Not only is this permitted but it is encouraged and celebrated. This censorship is abuse and discrimination against the disabled. Until this changes, good people will remain sick, many will decline, and some will die. I wish that was an exaggeration, but that is the facts.


The leading social media platform still has a very active “c vx - L H Autoimmune Sup” group. (I’m using code more than the group is, in case it’s in progress and not done YET.) I just created a mutli-megabyte file, just in case it does go down. The one visible sign of censorship is apparently requiring the addition of the word “Autoimmune”, which may not be factually correct. (Who is spreading dis-information?)
Time stamp: 2022-10-04 @ 2330 PDT/USA - in recognition of the fact this is subject to rapid change.

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Oh the autoimmune thing is because the admin was telling everybody that vax injury is an autoimmune thing. It’s somewhere in the older posts in that group. Nothing to do with censorship.