Bad experiences with tranexamic acid, black walnut & wormwood, cat's claw, coconut oil teeth pulling, albendazole, monolaurin, lavender essential oil

I tried a number of drugs, some of which I tried because other people are unlikely to try them. Unfortunately I didn’t have good experiences with most of the things that I tried. I also tried a number of different essential oils but I don’t have conclusive experiences with them.

Bad experiences

Black walnut & wormwood (bad)

My anger issues came back. It’s when your body decides that your anger is a 9/10 when it should really be a 2/10.

Cat’s claw (bad)

  • Woke up from sleep with an irregular heartbeat that I’ve never had before
  • Woke up once with really hazy vision in the morning. It cleared by the afternoon.

Lavender essential oil (bad)

This flared me. I crashed, my anger issues came back, and I was napping during the day.

Also this triggers my gag reflex hard.

Lavender essential oil is found is lavender supplements that people take for sleep. 1 drop is A LOT.

Tranexamic acid (mildly bad)

I developed a new symptom: the feeling of getting stabbed in my heart/chest. Pain was around a 4/10.

This drug is sold without a prescription in the UK. It’s used for people who might bleed too much during surgery and for women with excessive bleeding during their period. I do not recommend that you try this.

It happens to have antibacterial properties.

Coconut oil used for teeth pulling (mildly bad)

Some people swish coconut oil in their mouth instead of brushing their teeth. My teeth got more sensitive. This isn’t really a treatment for vax injury.

Albendazole (mildly bad)

This made me have dreams (I don’t normally have dreams that I remember).

Slightly good: it probably shifted my sleep earlier.

This is an anti-parasitic drug.


May have cause bleeding issues with me where a small cut will bleed for several hours. May have led to blood in stool.