Australian news - teacher’s life ruined after severe reaction

More news in the Australian mainstream media.

A teacher with two young children has not only been left unable to work, almost all of her doctors insisted that she get a second shot. Thank goodness she didn’t.


So many things to make me angry in this article.

  • Doctors doing more harm than good. Why recommend another? It’s like these people would give gunshot wounds to a gunshot wound victim.
  • Exemption expires in 3 months. Because that’s how experimental medicines work… after 3 months the coast is clear. That’s how science works in 2022.

I could go on.


I think if you invert the meaning from any statement made by public health, the Science, etc., then that is probably accurate. People died because of this, and they continue to stutter into the void. At least this is being covered.

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