Australia media runs a piece on vax injury with a forum member here ... good to see that there's still some sanity in Au

‘Outright lying’: Australian scientist hits out at TGA after ‘life-changing’ Covid vaccine injury

Well done @radofaletic

Thanks @GlennChan. The reporter is one of the good guys, and also one of the few mainstream journalists with the guts to write the truth about what’s going on.

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Other than the injection, this guy has the same experience as me. I have been fighting since the day of the injury with the medical system. 9 months later, and I am disabled, have PTSD, and not improving.


Ah, sorry to hear that happened to you. :frowning: Welcome to our club. Some of us are doing much better since our vaccine injury, others not so much. I’m sticking around to research this condition because most governments won’t do it (or give us access to healthcare).

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the price for entry into this club sucks! thanks for doing this. literally the only thing that has made my life better is connecting with others.

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