Apheresis / EBOO treatment

I did EBOO (extracorporeal blood oxygen ozonation), also known as apheresis F, for the first time on Tuesday. It put me a big flare, which I assume is die off. The really hard part is it flared my chest pain. It’s hard for me to understand how it would do that. From what I have read most people feel relief after EBOO. Has anyone else had EBOO and how did you react?

I am pretty disappointed because I have been doing mild hyperbaric oxygen and the chest pain was majorly going down, and I was hopeful and excited.

I am hoping that this is just a big herx from die off and that it will fade and I’ll be better off for having done the treatment.

I continued with mHBOT for the rest of the week after EBOO, but the flare hasn’t gone down yet.

Pretty frustrating how we are left to do these expensive experiments on ourselves.


Did you ever Herx after antibiotics?

Also, HBOT should cause Herx reactions. So if you didn’t Herx from that, then EBOO is probably just making your symptoms worse.

6 people reported EBOO from the treatment outcomes survey so far:

Please contribute data to the survey if you can: Treatment Outcomes Survey analysis

I didn’t do the best with it. I did it once and flared enough that I didn’t go back for more. Maybe it levels out with time but I didn’t want to push it.

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omg Bri what haven’t you done yet? haha.

(You do owe me an update about microwaved ground beef in water though. Is it as dumb as it sounds or is it an easy peasy meal?)

I totally overcooked it! Need to try again!

@GlennChan not sure I understand your comment fully but:

  • I don’t take antibiotics if I can avoid it and haven’t in years. Yes in the past they’ve made me feel awful. I did take a Z Pac when I had acute Covid. I don’t know if I herxed because I had a million symptoms during acute Covid.

  • I am doing mild hyperbaric oxygen and it’s the first thing that has really made a noticeable difference in the chest pain. Sometimes I feel really good after and yes sometimes I feel a little crappy which might be a herx, but it’s gentle

  • EBOO on Tuesday caused a flare, which may be a herx. It’s really hard to say if it’s ultimately beneficial or not. I haven’t gotten through the herx yet.

  • I was big into holistic medicine before I got this vax injury 1/7/2022, and I learned to stay away from treatments that make you feel really awful. A lot of people are really into the herximer reaction theory but it’s very controversial. If your body is hit that hard from a treatment that means your body is really overwhelmed, which I don’t think is a good target to shoot for.

I’m most excited about mHBOT right now because it’s gentle and low risk but I’m getting good results.

But healing is very mysterious and everyone is different. For some people “shock and awe” intense treatments are what they need.

I’m disappointed about EBOO because I genuinely thought I’d feel better after, or at worst maybe a little herx. I guess my expectations were off. The nurse practitioner I went to said thousands of ppl have been doing EBOO for post vaccine and getting great results. It’s too bad there aren’t many of them on the Facebook groups, Reddit, or here on React19. That guy Brett’s blog was the only place I’ve read a detailed account of it being super helpful.

I also found a guy on Twitter who insists you have to do triple anti coagulation therapy first before you do EBOO and HBOT or they won’t work. Again I think everyone’s different and no one protocol is going to help everyone.

It is truly frustrating to be left to run these expensive science experiments on ourselves.

Hmmm I’m not sure how to overcook it. I just microwave it every 50 seconds, mash the beef up again, and then stick it in again for another 50 or 25ish depending on whether it looks like everything is almost fully brown.

Oh antibiotics should definitely cause a Herx reaction so that may be a way to find out what’s going on with your body. Because if you’re not having a Herx reaction, then maybe you are one of those people who have long-lasting worsening following HBOT.

There are some “natural” alternatives to antibiotics that can do something similar.

Those numbers seem doubtful given the low popularity of EBOO on the Treatment Outcomes survey.

Are you referring to My COVID Post-Vaccine Syndrome Recovery Story & Supplement List | Brett Borders ?

It seemed unlikely to me that almost every treatment he tried helped. Most people aren’t reporting that. Something like 2/5ths of the people on the second React19 survey said that nothing helped.

I guess I’ve only run low-cost science experiments on myself… all sorts of cheap repurposed drugs or over-the-counter items with medicinal properties. It seems that I have reacted negatively to most things that I’ve tried.

I wouldn’t take an antibiotic or antibacterial herbs without a good reason for doing that. That can cause other problems.

mHBOT has definitely been helping me, the current reaction I am having is to EBOO, not mHBOT. And if I am having a herx response to EBOO, that doesn’t mean it was a bad thing, although I definitely wouldn’t do it again. I can’t handle treatment making me suffer this much.

There are thousands of people out there who have been doing EBOO for long Covid and Covid vax injury so one would think it’s helping at least some of them. There are clinic doings protocols with EBOO and mHBOT and IV vitamin therapies in sequence. We just don’t have survey responses from them. Six people isn’t really enough of a sample size to make a judgement either way.

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I had EBOO yesterday for the first time and so far feel okay but it’s early.

I do feel tired but less dizzy.

Do you mind if I ask you how much is one session?

I paid aus$3,5.

If something else happens I’ll let you know.

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I found the one clinic in the US (that I know of) that only charges $1000 USD per treatment. Most clinics charge $2400-2500 for a single treatment, and that often doesn’t include the cost of the new patient appointment with the doctor at the clinic.

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