A conversation worth having (trigger warning: suicide)

React 19 put up a video that starts a conversation about suicide.

My experience is this:

I found depression (caused by health issues, not my personal life) to be worse than vaccine injury. That’s because my vaccine injury wasn’t as bad. It made me understand why people would want to end their suffering. Fortunately, I got lucky and figured out the solution to depression within a few weeks (diet happened to fix it for me). I wouldn’t have found much value in talking to somebody because not committing suicide is something that would be done for other people’s benefit rather than my own. So my take on this is to keep fighting for a way out. I put up resources and information on my wiki here:

People do overcome autoimmune disease, vax injury, poorly-understood conditions that leave them bedbound, and other debilitating health conditions. Don’t stop fighting.

Which diet helped you with depression ? I am losing hope in my recovery and its hard.

The first thing I tried was gluten-free, which got rid of depression like 95-98% of the time. However, it was difficult because sometimes I would accidentally eat gluten. e.g. some “gluten free” food actually contains gluten.
I’m not entirely sure if all of the re-occurences were due to gluten… there might also be something else going on. But I definitely had to avoid gluten.

Eating meat and fruit only really got rid of it. It’s an easier way of eating gluten-free… it’s more enjoyable and I spent a lot less time cooking. (You can also try doing that and reducing fruit until you are meat only… more people do that diet than meat+fruit.) If you are on any type of medication, see the wiki for some safety information. There can be some dangerous interactions.

The type of depression I experienced was my body inappropriately telling me that I’m depressed. My life was fine and the depression wasn’t justified based on what was happening in my life. I don’t know if that lines up with your experience with depression. You can also get your thyroid levels checked, because that can cause depression.

The “normal” type of depression is when your life legitimately sucks. Health issues, not having a normal life, money, being mistreated by other people, etc. I didn’t have that.